martedì 25 settembre 2007

dedica ad un amico davvero speciale

Remembering your birthday

Your birthday is a special time
To celebrate the gift of "you"
To the magic world of poetry...

Today, at least today or 'morrow, too,
I would so much like to be an artist
So that I could paint pictures for you...
So when each birthday came around,
I could send you quite a few of them!

However, as I don't know how to paint,
The only thing I can do is to say...
Jacopo, may you have a great birthday!
[Jean-Paul Malfatti]

2 commenti:

dioneo ha detto...

:-) As Freddie Mercury has already said:

"It's not easy love,
you've got friends you can trust
friends will be friends
when you are in need of love
they give you care and attention
friends will be friends
when you're through with life
and all hope is lost
hold out your hand cos
friends will be friends
right to the end!"

Be', la canzone dice già tutto, tutto è incluso in quelle parole...
anche "grazie fratellone dal profondo del cuore"...
che bel regalo di compleanno...

alexandra ha detto...