domenica 23 dicembre 2007

What Christmas does mean to me ...

Happy Holidays to you and yours! As you all know, the Christmas season is my most favorite time of year. This is evident by the thoughts, poems and poetry, which I either create or pick out throughout the Internet during this so gorgeous and special a season, for then sending them to all my friends.

The reason I love this time of year so much is not for the presents, not for the delicious food that we share, not for the holiday parties that we attend, it is because we all seem to be a little nicer; a little more caring; a little more thoughtful; a little more respectful of the pressures and stress that the holidays bring out in people; as well a little more hopeful for what the new year will bring.

My wish for each of you is that you will enjoy this year's holiday season with an open heart; with renewed faith in mankind; for peace in our world; for friendships that are long-lasting; for warm feelings of joy, peace and love; for happy times spent with family and friends; and for smiles shared when times may get difficult.

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! 

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